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Kearney Power Project

Updated: Apr 18

I attended the Kearney City Council meeting this evening and representatives from NPPD presented about their plan to connect a 115kV transmission line from the TechOne substation on the east side of Kearney to the Tower substation in west Kearney. With this being a substantial project, NPPD has a very thorough public hearing process that they will go through before deciding where the line will exactly run. If you live in north Kearney you should have received some sort of communication about the public hearings.

You can learn more about this project on the website below as well as the dates, times and locations for the public hearings.

This is an important project for our growing area that will increase the system’s transmission system capacity to meet increasing demand and further enhance reliability and resiliency in the Kearney area.

This is one example of how I will keep you informed and be a good steward of NPPD’s planned improvements if I’m elected to the NPPD Board of Directors. #VoteRusher #Leadership

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