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As President/CEO of Nebraska’s third-largest chamber, Derek carries a fun and creative energy with him as he walks through the doors of the office each day. He believes in bringing about positive change by fostering a can-do attitude in those around him and is proud to serve and promote the quality of life in our community.


Derek maintains a strong commitment to leadership and public visibility, recognizing that both are essential to grow and sustain the mission of the Chamber. He actively works to expand the Chamber’s reach with his hands-on leadership style and innovative troubleshooting. This can be seen through how he relates to various organizations – through his interactions with Chamber members, individuals from the Kearney community, Chambers around the state, to overseeing our own day-to-day operations. Derek also serves as the Chair for the State Chamber’s Small Business Policy Council, an Ex-Officio Board Member for the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the 2022 President of the Nebraska Chambers Association.

Outside of the Chamber, Derek is the Founder and President of a nonprofit business, Impact Art. Impact Art is known for the variety of large murals in the Kearney community. He possesses more than 15 years of experience as a teacher and many more as a former collegiate athlete and coach. Derek serves on the Kearney Works Board as well as the Junior Achievement Board. He also is on the Advisory Committee for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. Altogether, Derek is passionate about supporting the growth and education of others. 

Derek's favorite motto, "Do Right," is a tenet he picked up from his father. With his beautiful wife, Meggie, Derek continues to pass this teaching on to their five daughters.


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