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The facts have caught up with my opponent

Updated: Feb 22

Friends, what I have learned is my opponent, Melissa Freelend, has been dishonest in her campaign for the NPPD board. Her campaign funding report became public today, 11/4/2022. She accepted $38,000 in contributions from the Conservation PAC which has taken $475,000 from the LCV Victory Fund. LCV or League of Conservation Voters is a liberal group that promotes policies that will weaken our power grid and risk reliability and affordability of electricity. Please vote on Tuesday and tell your family and friends to vote. I’m the only Republican and only conservative candidate for NPPD Board of Directors that will keep your power reliable and affordable.

A screenshot of her public disclosure is below. You can also go to and click on Candidate and type in her name. You can also find my public contributions and I am proud to say that they are all from Nebraska!

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